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For nearly 30 years, NAMI Sioux Falls has provided essential education, support and advocacy to people affected by mental illness. We are committed to eliminating stigma and ensuring people get the support and information they need.

Your support of NAMI Sioux Falls helps us meet the needs of the more than 30,000 Sioux Falls citizens who live with a mental illness diagnosis.

Every dollar counts and we value everyone and what they provide to our organization. Any amount of money helps with the following areas:

Who NAMI Sioux Falls has helped in just one week: (PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  1. A single mother with a child who lives with a disability (17 years old child) . She was needing help herself in her recovery for PTSD and anxiety. Referred her to our support groups and daycare direction, she cannot afford much.
  2. A single mother of five, who has lived with the effects of “Bullying” and now her child has signs of anxiety. (Bullying was never addressed, she is having a hard time collecting child support, unable to afford programs to help cope-) Let her know about NAMI Sioux Falls support groups and I did a referral.
  3. A couple who has a child with PTSD and other challenges is looking for a resource to “place” their child in a new school environment, closer to Sioux Falls. Gave her a referral to an expert I personally used to find “school placements”.

NAMI Sioux Falls Wish List:

  • Wish List
  • Paper for copier
  • Ink for printer
  • Coffee and water
  • Coffee cups
  • Note pads/sticky notes
  • Thank you notes
  • Gift cards as an award to the volunteer of the month
  • Prepaid Visa Card to pay for: cookies, treats, coffee when visiting with a partner or potential sponsor
  • NAMI Sioux Falls business cards- blank with a line:  for our volunteers, speakers and teachers so they can put their information on the card as a contact.
  • Marketing/Promo material for programs and expanding our services.


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

*NAMI programs should not be used to replace the specialized training and professional judgment of mental health professionals. We cannot, and do not assume the role of a physician or therapist.

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